All aboard the Blog Train

Well it would appear I have decided to start a blog, all the cool kids have been doing it for ages and I guess I’m joining the party. Maybe just in time too as  Rick Springfield’s ‘Jessie’s Girl’ had just come on the stereo and we all know what that means (and if you don’t then you must have been one of those that always left the party too early). I have finally turned up albeit a few hours too late, a little tipsy and not quite agile enough to perform my usual ‘Flash Dance’  feet, but better late than never, and I’m going to boogie away to Bowie’s ‘Ch-ch-ch-changes’.

My blog will have no defined theme. I will write about this, that and the other….lets say Random Rambling…yes! The Random Rambling of my mind. So, if you care to pop in every now and then, say Hi, stop by for a G&T, or just to poke fun and correct my atrocious spelling, I will be grateful and maybe even overjoyed.

Hello and Welcome. Stop by again soon. Merry Christmas!



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