Resolutions for a New Year

Arrivederci, Da bo chi, प्रणाम, Sayonara, Ciao, catch ya later 2011!

So, as the end of yet another year draws to a close I wonder what my New Years Resolutions will be for 2012.  Apparently the top 5 New Years Resolutions for 2012 have been published as;

1)  Be financially savvy

2) Read at least one book per month

3) Eat properly

4) Get enough sleep

5) Keep a journal of awesome moments

Ok, so I can relate to a few of those, but funnily enough only the ones that I tend to make every year…….so if I’m making them every year then obviously they are not important enough as I’m clearly not achieving them. Which makes me wonder,whats the point of this tradition of making a list of “changes” to accomplish for the coming 12 months?  And as I sit here with my knitting (yes, I have started knitting, perhaps a resolution for the coming year??), Bailey’s spiked coffee and staring out into the grey sky of London (enough to make anyone disheartened can you tell I’m missing the sunshine) I wonder if it will make the slightest difference if I shuffle on into 2012 without the mandatory list in hand.

 “He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool.” – F.M. Knowles. So why do we insist on doing it every year, and then getting to the ned of that year, cursing the fact that we havent achieved any of them, wishing for the clock to hurry up and strike 12, and then carry on with the whole polava again.  And….why do so many people get to December and all of a sudden decide that the year has been an utter disgrace and that the next one is bound to miraculously rid them of all of that has burdened them during the past 12 months. I think as much as you wish for that to happen you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Surely by now we have realised that problems do not just disappear at midnight on the 31st of December.  And I admit I have been guilty of doing just that.  But not this year.

This year I shall resolve to carry on learning from all that has been an absolute pain in the arse during 2011, and Im not making any new “grand plans” until I have achieved the things from 2011 that are still a work in progress. I think I do quite a good job of conjuring scrolls of expectations for myself, surely I have enough to last until midnight December 31st 2014 (tongue in cheek of course!).

In light of the fact that I wont be out there tonight stampeding toward a more promising 2012 and kicking 2011 in the face, I shall spend the evening with a cheap bottle of Cava (most likely topped up with some Grand Manier, cos’ lets face it, it’s going to taste nasty without it), my Husband and a Connect 4 tournament (yes, I know, how very 1980’s) and I might even pop Bowie on the speakers, but not cha, cha, cha, changes. Because tomorrow is just another day that I can continue knitting my scarf.




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