Here comes the sun….albeit in short spurts.

Finally its Spring and that means the sun starts to wake up and pop its big golden head from out behind the clouds and greet us all with a wide warm smile. Blossom is blooming, birds are once again tweeting in a giddy fashion and we all put the coats back in the closet and dare I say it, the flip-flops are brushed of their dust and walked out onto the streets.  In many parts of the world the humble flip-flop would only be considered appropriate footwear for the summer months, however a funny thing happens to the Brits when they spy a slither of sunshine from the skies, out comes the beach wear, and the odd sunbathers can be seen in the strangest of locations. Now, having survived a number of depressive London winters and understanding the lasting effects of too much cold, too much grey and too many grumpy faces, I too have been guilty of the premature unveiling of the summer wardrobe and I’m not ashamed of it (although no sunbathing in car parks has ever taken place I am proud to admit). You have to understand the almost ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ occurrence of a sunny day in London, and having grown up in Australia I have certainly taken this pleasure of life for granted, and just like every other Londoner I find myself wishing that this summer will be a real summer and then everyone will live happily ever after……

A couple of weekends ago, my husband and I jumped on a train and headed to Twickenham to take part in the Hindu Holi festival.  Holi होली is the Hindu festival for spring celebrated at the end of winter and amongst all Hindu’s. They take much enjoyment from the act of throwing coloured perfumed powders at each other and just having a good old time. We danced to the Bollywood themed music on the banks of the Thames as complete strangers greeted us with massive smiles and a hand full of coloured powder either smeared across our faces or just patted onto our heads. The air was filled with a rainbow of colour and everybody continued on until all the bags of powder were dry.

It was such a lovely feeling to be amongst a whole crowd of strangers and everyone was friendly and inviting. Maybe it was the result of many factors but I think the sunshine, the colour, and the prospect of spring and summer to come which heightened everybodies spirits.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of spring. And everyone was involved, the young and the old, the Hindu and the non-Hindu, and even just the curious, but any social or religious differences were not important, everyone was covered in colour and everyone was smiling and everyone was equal.

For me this spring will bring the odd sunny day (we are in London after all, and beggars can’t be chooser’s), some weekend trips in our neglected Harold (the car,)  a long-awaited visit from my Mum and Aunt, and more smiles, less grump’s and a good old nudge from my old friend enthusiasm.

Here’s cheers to spring 🙂 xx


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