Anything to get more young people involved in the art of cooking. I think is fabulous.
And Im loving junior Masterchef Australia!

Lauren - My Michael Caines Academy experience

Awesome! I mean awe “with some”. Quaking in my steel capped Russums trainers me, Martin, Tilly and Ryan stepped into the Exeter food festival limelight. Cameras –hundreds of people in the tent –loads of pressure!!

Never before have I felt so trepidatious  (I love this word!)

Four students; two dishes. Team Lauren (me)/Martin went for duck breast with stuffed Portobello mushrooms, spiced spinach and plum sauce…

Team Tilly/Ryan were going for Pork and Scallops (sounded good – I still balk at Splitting scallops).

Duck does not scare me, I keep ducks (in my garden, we call them Crispy and Pancake) I tame ducks, I eat ducks, so I was like, “bring it on”. Spinach, we do that that with bells on in our house; Fungi – OK here I was banking on academy teaching, and Martin was in charge of sauce (I’m not saucy).

On Michael’s word the head to…

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