Le Macaron

On a recent jaunt into Covent Garden with my mum and aunt, we were drawn toward the pretty Parisian shop front of the Laduree store and of course we could not resist stepping inside. What we found was a vast counter filled with hundreds of coloured macarons, little gems filled with butters and creams, of course we oohed and ahhed over them for some time until deciding to purchase a box of 24.  We chose one of almost every flavour in front of our greedy eyes, and then doubled up on the irresistable flavours. They looked like perfect little treats, smooth colourful shells, with perfect little feet. The creams were nothing less than delicious, some fruity,  and some smooth buttery creams.

They were the perfect little addition to a lovely glass of champagne and I have to say despite how lovely and light they look, they are indeed rich and filling, so there is no risk of scoffing the entire box in one sitting which is only a good thing for the hips and of course justifies another glass of champagne the following day 😉

Who would have thought that the strike of genius to fill 2 almondy shells with a rich buttery cream would cause sweet tooth’s the world over to throw their diets aside just to savour one of these exquisite gems.  It was Laduree’s second cousin Pierre Desfontaines,  at the beginning of the 2oth century  who deserves the credit for this.

Now, I have come to understand that the recreation of these treats is not an easy task. I have scoured the internet for recipes, and read many felow bloggers attempts but are yet to rise to the challenge myself. Its a plan in the works though.

If you too are keen to try your skills at macaron creation then why not have a little peek at a fellow blogger ‘Susan Eats London’ as it was her Orange blossom Saffron Vanilla Macarons which enticed me to consider the challenge for myself.  Do yourself a favour and have a read of her blog, you’ll find it here-  http://susaneatslondon.com/2012/04/08/orange-blossom-saffron-vanilla-macarons

I will blog my attempt at macarons but until then I shall continue to make excuses to myself to sneak a Laduree macaron every now and then.


4 thoughts on “Le Macaron

  1. Kris, go for it… it is not too bad making them. if you have a good recipe, it’s actually quite easy. of course there is some practicing involved in getting them done looking pretty {mine always look a bit funny}… have a lovely weekend.

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