The Secret Contents Of This Womans Handbag

A womans handbag can be a mysterious capsule of many things delightful and sometimes quite scary. I like to think the content of my handbag is quite respectable at present. I guess it helps that I cleaned it out last week meaning you fortunately miss out on viewing a few chocolate bar wrappers, a handful of various receipts, an apple, an empty paracetamol blister and numerous other items which should have gone from hand to bin and not hand to bag.

I have seen a couple of similar posts over the months and hope I’m¬†not alone in admitting¬†that I enjoy knowing whats inside another’s¬†handbag. I think most women, even before they become mothers have a wonderful ability to carry around with them items which can cater for any situation and get you out of a jolly good pickle at times. Give me one male who can match that special ability….huh.

So, the contents of my recently spring cleaned handbag are:

An Umbrella– this ones a lovely Gustav Klimt print brolly from Vienna, I always carry an Umbrella as I live in London and that should be ’nuff said’

The Kindle- I was passionately against having a Kindle, as I love to have a physical book in my hands. I get great satisfaction from selecting a book from my shelf, and then placing it ceremonious¬†back into its¬†place once finished. You can’t¬†do that with a Kindle. However, my mum gave me hers recently and I said I would try it out, admitting it might be useful for the train or holidays. Since then I have read 4 books in as many weeks. I can recommend¬†them all, first there was ‘The Woman Who Went to Bed For A Year’ by Sue Townsend-¬†if you remember Adrian Mole you will enjoy this one, it made me chuckle out loud on several occasions. Then came ‘Mice’ by Gordon Reece-¬†a very interesting little tale which superbly shows a drastic¬†change of character brought on my a rather challenging¬†set of circumstances (I’m¬†being vague on purpose), then I braved a rather perverse novel from Ian McEwan ‘The Cement Garden’ which was disturbing and left my feeling slightly dirty all over but I really enjoyed¬†his writing¬†style in this novel and it kept me turning the pages, I don’t regret reading it but its¬†certainly¬†not for everyone. And the final book on my Kindle thus far is a lovely little novel called ‘You Before Me’ by Jojo Moyes.

Girly supplies: cos’ you have to be prepared to fight the god damned monthly horror at any time, and we women know that the minute you’re not¬†carrying a tampax or liner in your bag is the time you’ll be caught out and cursing inside the public bathrooms.

Gloves-¬†They stay in the bag for the same reason the¬†brolly does. It’s simple really.

Bulgari Sunglasses- These ladies came out of my drawer last weekend and I’m¬†hoping they can stick around as a regular feature of my handbag for a little while longer. They’ll be in there fighting¬†with the gloves and brolly¬†I’m sure.

3 MAC Lipsticks- Because 1 is not enough and 6 is maybe too many? I love MAC lipsticks, ‘Russian Red’ is my staple.

Lipbalm with SPF- because no one wants sunburnt lips do they? The lippy wont look pretty will it.

Blister Plasters- useful for many things, it’s sticky so the options are endless in an emergency. Plus my feet tend to blister easily. Fact.

Purse- Oh my poor Ted Baker purse is really looking a little worse for wear but he’s been good to me really and not quite ready for a trade in yet.

Compact Mirror- Must have, no explanation required.

SWISS army knife- this curious member has been zipped inside my handbags for years, it automatically move on with each handbag swap. My Nana gave it to me years ago and it just stays with me. I have to admit it’s made it through various countries airport security gates when I have forgotten¬†about it being tucked deep inside my handbag, however I don’t think I’d be able to do much damage with it even if it was a smuggling on purpose.

Mints- Peppersmith¬†gum, all natural yumm¬†yumm. And some M&S ‘curiously strong mints’ (they’re not really that strong I just liked the tin, curious).

Work Keys- which regularly become lost in the depths of my handbag, most annoying when your running a little late for work.

Oyster Card- aint going nowhere without that one.

Random- Payslips, receipts, crap flyers given to me on the street, pens, etc

So that’s¬†the contents of my bag at present. What’s in yours? do you have some strange¬†object that moves between your handbags for no good reason but you can’t be without?



3 thoughts on “The Secret Contents Of This Womans Handbag

  1. i should do this as well… i could survive a month with only my handbag ūüėČ as i always carry too much stuff with me. i love it that you were against the kindle and now love it. same goes for me, with one little difference: i still need to buy one. ‘you before me’ is definitely on my read list, saw it in london 2 weeks ago but didn’t buy it {why-o-why???}. have a great weekend, xx Helene {p.s. i hope the bag reaches you soon}

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