Basil, Cashew and Chilli Pesto

Pesto is so simple to make and also so versatile. You can make so many different combinations of flavours and use it as a pasta sauce, accompaniment to meats and fish, you can also mix a little through some mash, yummy. I know the traditional Italian pesto consists of Basil, garlic and mostly pine nuts, but […]

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A Brave Attempt At Macarons- Vanilla with rose buttercream and a berry surprise

Macarons are hot on my list of ‘must make’s’ and I admit I have been putting them off for a while now. Why? because people tell tales of great defeat when attempting to re-create those perfect little gems in their own kitchen and I felt the need to work myself up, do a little training, get the baking mind […]

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The Great Jelly Experiment

Everyone loves jelly full stop! I remember all the retro Tupperware jelly moulds that my mum always had when I was a kid, they made colourful fruity jelly just that little bit more exciting. So when I was in Canterbury last weekend and wandered into the Steamer Trading Cook Shop and saw a funky little pink […]

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Whitstable Oyster Company

I have always loved seafood, from my humble beginnings as a  Aussie child who loved a shrimp on the barbie to my now widened palate of all ocean delights. This seafood love has grown slowly over the years, however oysters are only a new addition to the collection. I had tried oysters maybe twice as a teenager, however each […]

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