The Great Jelly Experiment

Everyone loves jelly full stop!

I remember all the retro Tupperware jelly moulds that my mum always had when I was a kid, they made colourful fruity jelly just that little bit more exciting. So when I was in Canterbury last weekend and wandered into the Steamer Trading Cook Shop and saw a funky little pink Rabbit jelly mould I just had to have it.

So below is my first use of this funky little mould. But why have I called this post an experiment? well, over the last little while I have decided that my cooking needs to become more pure, more of me and less of someone elses prep, which means dishes will be cooked from scratch. This will reduce the preservatives and chemicals which I would otherwise consume in a huge amount of canned and jarred foods. So I chose to use Agar as my gelling agent. The thought of what makes up traditional gelatine quite frankly makes me feel ill, and all those pre package jellies with artificial colours and flavours are exactly what I am trying to avoid.  So here is my Orange and lemon Rabbit jelly and the unfortunate mishap of the cinnamon tea jelly………..  😉


-Agar flakes (1 tablespoon per cup of liquid)

-2 cups of Orange Juice

– juice of 1 Lemon


I chose to use ready squeezed orange juice because of a severe lack of oranges in my kitchen, but when I do this again I will squeeze my own. Heat the 2 cups of orange and the lemon juice in a heavy base pot, just to the point before it starts to simmer. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of Agar flakes over the juice and let the liquid simmer, don’t stir at this point. Once the liquid starts to simmer evenly across the pot you can stir occasionally over the next 5 minutes.

Remove from the heat and pour into your mould. Place in the fridge and wait patiently for it to set. Then devour, with or without ice cream. Plus, what a cute way to get kids to consume more fruit, so long as they don’t have pet rabbits of course!

And now to admit to the disaster piece. I don’t usually like to admit that something I made didn’t work, I would prefer to quietly sweep it into the rubbish bin and pretend it never happened. But I suppose everyone has their short comings and mine was the cinnamon jelly.

I chose to use some Indian cinnamon tea bags, 3 of them and 2 tablespoons of sugar. I dissolved it in 2 cups of boiled water and it tasted ok actually. Then I followed the same steps as above. However when I ran down the stairs this morning to open the fridge and see my creations I immediately knew it was not going to be served on any plate in this kitchen. Firstly it came out of the mould in about 4 chunks and still left some behind. The consistency was far too firm (you could do severe damage with that shit) and to be honest it tasted really very awful indeed. So I took a deep breath and  threw it into the rubbish bin. We shall not speak of that again.

So, once I have eaten up the little orange rabbit in my fridge I will perhaps have a go at an apple juice and cinnamon jelly….but no bloody tea bags. At least I gave it a go.



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