A Brave Attempt At Macarons- Vanilla with rose buttercream and a berry surprise

Macarons are hot on my list of ‘must make’s’ and I admit I have been putting them off for a while now. Why? because people tell tales of great defeat when attempting to re-create those perfect little gems in their own kitchen and I felt the need to work myself up, do a little training, get the baking mind focussed. But, I have been reading and I have decided that just like many things in life we seem to enjoy making things hard for ourselves. I’m pretty sure the French do not have magical powers of macaron wonderful-ness, so why do so many of us break into sweat at the thought of whipping up a batch of these treats (please correct me if I’m generalising but there are a lot of people out there in web land sharing their macaron nightmares).  So, If you have a desire to whip up a batch, or have tried and failed, I suggest you head on over to The Brave Tart and have a little read, she may just settle those nerves and give you the courage to Macaronage until your heart’s content.

So, Macaronage-ing was happening in my kitchen today. I had 2 attempts and although the final product is far from perfect, it tasted ok, looked kinda like it should and gave me a little smile of encouragement so I thought I’d share it.

I followed Brave Tarts recipe for basic macarons but only after I read through the handy tips, 10 myths and 10 commandments, which answered a few questions that I found I was asking myself whilst carefully assembling the ingredients.

Now I am certainly not saying that a macaron is a fail proof baking delight. It’s not, it requires strict measuring and some troubleshooting. But if I, someone who does not measure ingredients, nor do I follow recipes in fact, can turn out a batch that even my husband says taste better than the Laduree ones we recently tried (bless his soul:)) then you too have a chance at success.

So below is a little pictorial guide to my sunday vanilla macarons with rose buttercream and a berry surprise.  I followed Brave Tarts Swiss buttercream recipe and added the rose extract, and a little dollop of summer berry jam in the middle of each piped circle of very “the diets gone out the window” buttercream.

This is what I think the meringue should look like, my first attempt looked like this, then I added 1 teaspoon of rose extract and it flopped into a runny cream. I think it was the oil in the extract? as it was fine the second time with just vanilla extract.
Folding the dry ingredients into the meringue
Macronag-ing. It appeared there was a thin red line at this stage. Make sure you read Brave Tarts tips.
The failed tray. They were on the top shelf, so obviously got too hot, but they cracked almost straight away and think maybe that may have something to do with the fan? hmmmm

Me being very accurate with egg white temperatures in the buttercream stage…
This is them, not perfect but encouraging I think. Their little feet are clearly hiding 😉
The texture was a little chewy, but tasted good all the same. The berry jam was a nice touch if I do say so myself. And rose buttercream, well rose is just lovely isn’t it.

Now onwards and upwards, as they say. My next attempt will hopefully be a little braver with flavourings, but for now I have a small container of macarons to enjoy!




6 thoughts on “A Brave Attempt At Macarons- Vanilla with rose buttercream and a berry surprise

  1. Loved them, much better than the Laduree ones…in fact I generally find Macarons tasty but very dry. These ones were perfect with the rose butter cream and berry jam adding much needed moistness. Yum Yum x

    1. Oh thank you Lois. You know they tasted even better the next day still with a little chew but not quite as much. And I think I would agree that the slight chew is far better than dry and crumbly. Thanks for stopping by.

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