Macarons Spanish style Ole!

Whilst wandering through the streets of Barcelona the last place I expected to find was a Macaron shop! This charming little shop was found inside the Arenas de Barcelona on Gran Via de les Corts¬†Catalans in Pla√ßa¬†d’Espanya. The former bullring was built in¬†19oo and then converted to a commercial arena, the Catalans don’t “do” bull […]

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North African Harissa Lamb

Harissa¬†is a paste made of peppers, chilli, garlic, coriander, carraway and a number of other spices depending on region. It is traditionally¬†used in meat and fish stews, however I believe¬†it has a multitude of wonderful uses, including as a pasta pesto with crushed tomatos. I first used Harissa to make some lamb Taco’s and I […]

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June Foodie Pen Pals…revealed

June was the very first month that I took part and became a ‘Foodie¬†Penpal’, and can I just say I was very excited as I love receiving¬†mail. So for those of you who are unaware of the ‘Foodie¬†Penpal’ fabulousness I shall fill you in and hopefully entice you to get involved. Every month on the […]

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