June Foodie Pen Pals…revealed

June was the very first month that I took part and became a ‘Foodie Penpal’, and can I just say I was very excited as I love receiving mail. So for those of you who are unaware of the ‘Foodie Penpal’ fabulousness I shall fill you in and hopefully entice you to get involved. Every month on the 5th day Carol Anne from Rock Salt sends us all a foodie match, the idea is to get in touch with the fellow lover of all things foodie, find out their likes and dislikes and then go about putting together a parcel  filled with wonderful bits and pieces. What a great idea! I found it just as exciting mooching around an Asian supermarket looking for special treats for my match Jen from ‘Jen’s Place’, as I did receiving the parcel (pictured below) from Amy Lane from ‘Cooking, Cakes & Children‘.

As you can see from the pic above, I was lucky enough to receive some very relaxing whole flower chamomile tea bags, garlic (an everyday essential), lemon grass paste and Harissa paste (perfect!!). But most exciting of all is that I mentioned to Amy in my email that I was getting all interested in the process of making jams, so an extremely thoughtful gesture was to send me a fab large ‘Kilner’ jar and some cute little jam jar labels. And of course she wrote me a lovely little note to complete the package.

Thank you very much Amy!!

I wont be taking part in July as I’m off to Barcelona to celebrate my 30th Birthday, but I will be getting involved again in August without hesitation.

If your keen to get involved and live in the UK then click on the Foodie Penpal icon below and you will find all the information you need in order to get involved and start sending and receiving some exciting good old-fashioned mail in the form of food!





4 thoughts on “June Foodie Pen Pals…revealed

  1. Kris, this sounds soooo good. similar to the swap we are doing here in germany. it’s just the greatest to get ‘real’ mail, isn’t it? finally no bills. sounds like a great box of foody treats you received. have a great sunday evening. xx

    1. Danke, I have been jealous of the posts you have put up regarding the foodie swaps of homebaked goodies. They have looked so, so yummy. You are so right, its fabulous getting mail that isnt a bill for a change. x

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