Macarons Spanish style Ole!

Whilst wandering through the streets of Barcelona the last place I expected to find was a Macaron shop!

image courtesy of Google Images

This charming little shop was found inside the Arenas de Barcelona on Gran Via de les Corts Catalans in Plaça d’Espanya. The former bullring was built in 19oo and then converted to a commercial arena, the Catalans don’t “do” bull fighting anymore.

Enric Rosich is a Spanish Pastry chef. His Macaron’s give some French gems a run for their money, in my opinion. The flavours were gorgeous, the fillings fruity and smooth and creamy. The patina perfectly smooth, each half gem the perfect height with just the right amount of puff.  My favourite was the Blackcurrant, so tasty.

I bought 8 gems for 10 euro. Worth every cent!!

Enjoy some pic’s, hopefully they make your mouth water.

Some exceedingly good Macaron’s, if you are ever in Barcelona you must make the effort to pick up a small box for yourself.



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