September Foodie Penpals

This is a very late post, it should have gone up on the 30th of September, but i have been unwell so I shall use that as my excuse.

For anyone who is unaware of the Foodie penpal rage then let me fill you in. Every month on the 5th day Carol Anne from Rock Salt sends us all a foodie match, the idea is to get in touch with the fellow lover of all things foodie, find out their likes and dislikes and then go about putting together a parcel filled with wonderful bits and pieces. Then at the end of the month everyone posts about their exciting gifts. What a great idea!

Now let me share the goodies that I sent all the way to Dublin, where Edith from ‘Just Eat It‘ received the package from her postman. After having a look at Edith’s blog I decided to send her a little collection of mostly savory and mostly healthy bits and bobs. I choose a Jamie Oliver stuffing mix, Harissa paste, whole black cardamon pods, and loose Chinese Oolong tea leaves. And then I choose to add some homemade Egyptian Dukkah and Lavender sugar.




I was extremely lucky with the fabulous parcel I received from Indre from Aberdeen. Check out her blog here . I was completely spoilt and sent a package of things that absolutely appeal to me and the type of cooking I enjoy.


Indre sent me, dried hibiscus flowers for tea, pomegranate powder, sesame powder, sumac, tamarind paste, and hot chilli sauce. She also sent me a bag of freshly dried apples from her grandmothers garden in Lithuania, how thoughtful and sweet is that! and they are sooo yummy, they sit in a big jar next to my kettle so I can nibble on them from time to time. Enclosed was also some star anise and cinnamon which made the package smell absolutely fabulous, such an excellent touch. And of course she wrote me a handwritten letter which rounded off this very generous and thoughtful package perfectly.  Thank you Indre.


So now I shall wait with excitement for my October match. As thrilling as always!


3 thoughts on “September Foodie Penpals

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