Healthy Mail please Mr Postman!

healthy penpals

I know I would much prefer to receive little parcels of healthy inspiration in the post instead of my phone and electricity bills, who wouldn’t?!?

I used to be part of ‘Foodie Penpals’ when I was still living in the UK and you will certainly find a few post here on the packages I sent and received in return. It was a fun way to share a love for cooking with real people, the personal touches were extra special – something that gave satisfaction and a smile, good old-fashioned mail from the postman.

Since moving to Sydney I was unable to find anyone doing the same thing in Australia, and since changing the direction of my blog I decided to put an idea out there and see if anyone was interested in joining me. So let me introduce ‘Healthy Penpals ‘. The idea is that you are randomly given the name of a fellow pen pal each month, you then go about preparing a package of healthy inspiration for your match. There will be guidelines for what is to be included, and maybe even different themes from month to month. You should unleash some creativity and are encouraged to share something personal about your journey.

This is about helping each other stay enthusiastic and on track. Inspiring each other and sharing what we have learnt.

Unfortunately this is limited to people residing in Australia only at the moment. This is mostly due to Australia’s strict guidelines on food import and also the dire cost of postage OS these days. We need to keep this project thrifty peeps- but we can see how things go and these guidelines could change – it’s a work in progress after all.

So, if your interested in joining then leave me a comment below or send me an note with your name and email address to



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