It’s been a while

It certainly has been a while since I opened up this blog. After retrieving my password, I made a decision not to shut down my page but to turn it into something that is more relevant to me now.
Lots has happened in my little life over the last few years including a massive positive change with regard to how I feel about myself and my body. Having embarked on a journey to achieve a healthy lifestyle I discovered the power of peer inspiration, enthusiasm can be hard to muster at times simply telling yourself to ‘drop the chocolate, put on your trainers and just get started’ is easier said than done, and that’s when the power of the blogs and instagram have come to my rescue. I hope that by sharing my journey I might inspire others or just provide that little boost when someone might be finding every reason not to stop by the gym after work.

I plan to share recipes, fitness, healthy lifestyle finds, reviews, and just general fun bits and pieces. I have also recently moved from London to Sydney so I’m sure to throw in the odd post about my wanderings and treasure hunts around my new city.

I hope you join me and that I can provide you with a little support on your journey.



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