Whats it all about then, ey?

Whats this all about you may ask yourself. I have spent some time trying to think up some clever blurb  about what I’m doing here at KRISSTONEDOTCOM and honestly, plainly and simply I’m not 100% sure. It’s a work in progress, it’s is my ramblings, some more random than others. It’s a place for me to share.

A bit about me….By day I’m a Nurse, my job is consuming and by the end of the day my brain is tired and craving something creative. I grew up as a creative poppet, dancing from a young age and then singing, then SinginG and SINGING, and music became who I was. However, as life unfolded a path led me in a different direction and now I find I’m missing that part of me, and I’m determined to dig deep into the closet and pull it out.

So here I am, I love to cook, I love to draw and create, I’m moving s..l..o…w..l…y back into music (this is difficult for me, for a few reasons) and I’m trying my right hand and right side of my brain at writing.

Within my humble address you will find all sorts of things, recipes, ramblings, book reviews, thoughts, possibly some grumpiness (it’s bound to pop out at some point, I’m only human after all- I may avoid blogs during PMS time though), but hopefully you’ll enjoy popping by, I might even but a brew on and bake a cake!



2 thoughts on “Whats it all about then, ey?

  1. Hey Krissy if this keeps me that little but closer to you then I am aboard and looking forward to sharing yout thoughts along the way xxxx

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