Knowledge is Power

KNOWLEDGE noun Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. “a thirst for knowledge” POWER noun The ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way Part of my daytime career is research, and having attended an inspiring and very informative workshop yesterday […]

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It’s been a while

It certainly has been a while since I opened up this blog. After retrieving my password, I made a decision not to shut down my page but to turn it into something that is more relevant to me now. Lots has happened in my little life over the last few years including a massive positive […]

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September Foodie Penpals

This is a very late post, it should have gone up on the 30th of September, but i have been unwell so I shall use that as my excuse. For anyone who is unaware of the Foodie¬†penpal¬†rage then let me fill you in. Every month on the 5th day Carol Anne from Rock Salt sends […]

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Foodie Penpals August

It’s foodie¬†penpal¬†time again! And I received another fabulous package this month from Isobel of¬† The Higley Kitchen, you should pop over and check out her yummy recipes. If you don’t know about Foodie¬†Penpals then let me fill you in. Every month on the 5th day Carol Anne from Rock Salt¬†sends us all a foodie¬†match, the […]

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Hopefully I can make you smile

Firstly, Thank you to everyone who follows my posts, everyone who stops by and for the ‘likes’ and comments, it’s appreciated and keeps me encouraged. And I am having such an enthusiastic burst that I have added another blog to my bow, it’s call My Small Delights. It’s not a foodie blog, it’s indulging some […]

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Macarons Spanish style Ole!

Whilst wandering through the streets of Barcelona the last place I expected to find was a Macaron shop! This charming little shop was found inside the Arenas de Barcelona on Gran Via de les Corts¬†Catalans in Pla√ßa¬†d’Espanya. The former bullring was built in¬†19oo and then converted to a commercial arena, the Catalans don’t “do” bull […]

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