Fragrant Chicken Noodle Soup

A few weekends ago I boarded a train to Hackney in order to attend a very exciting day of Vietnamese cooking. When I arrived at said¬†class I was greeted by a very friendly face, 2 gorgeous puppies and¬†a punch of the yummiest most comforting aromas you could wish for.¬†Leluu’s classes provide one of the few […]

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Macarons Spanish style Ole!

Whilst wandering through the streets of Barcelona the last place I expected to find was a Macaron shop! This charming little shop was found inside the Arenas de Barcelona on Gran Via de les Corts¬†Catalans in Pla√ßa¬†d’Espanya. The former bullring was built in¬†19oo and then converted to a commercial arena, the Catalans don’t “do” bull […]

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Whitstable Oyster Company

I have always loved seafood, from my humble beginnings¬†as a¬† Aussie child who loved a shrimp on the barbie¬†to my now widened¬†palate of all ocean delights.¬†This seafood love has grown slowly over the years, however oysters are only a new addition to the collection. I had tried oysters maybe twice as a teenager, however each […]

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The Fine Art of Afternoon Tea

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Henry James Despite not being an out and out¬†sweet tooth I have always enjoyed a good afternoon tea. Wether with a friend in the comfort of your own kitchen or in a lovely grand ¬†hotel, it’s […]

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Le Macaron

On a recent jaunt into Covent¬†Garden with my mum and aunt, we were drawn toward the pretty Parisian shop front of the Laduree¬†store and of¬†course we could not resist stepping inside. What we found was a vast counter filled with hundreds of coloured macarons, little gems filled with butters and creams, of course we oohed¬†and […]

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