The housekeeping Nitty Gritty

This is my Blog, therefore all of the written word and photographs that form part of ‘My Random Ramblings’ site belong to me, in other words it’s copyright. All rights reserved.

I will of course appropriately credit and reference anything that I choose to share within my blog which is not originally mine.

I also expect that any comments left on my site are friendly and respectful. This site is full of my personal thoughts and experiences which I choose to share with you, I think that deserves to be respected and of course all those who wish to visit my site will be shown the same respect.

So in short, don’t make me get nasty now- cos’ my Husband will confirm that it’s not something anyone would want to experience undeservedly. *deep frown and pursed lips*

*Happy face* Thanks for taking the time to read the nitty gritty for my site. Please take a good look around and I if you like it, follow me.

Oh, and let me know if you have a blog which you think I might like- I will happily follow you too.



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